Sniffer GPS
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Track your dog anywhere, anytime with GPS and cellular networks for both iPhone and Android devices

Receive text messages, emails, and notification alerts to guarantee your dog’s safety at all times


The Sniffer collar is outfitted with an integrated light for clear visibility at all times, day or night!

Add up to as many safe zones as you want to ensure your dog is protected wherever you may go


30 Day battery life and integrated solar cells for hassle-free charging

The charger easily snaps onto you dogs collar for on the go charging, never leaving your dog unprotected

In the woods, in the water, or in the mud Sniffer GPS can withstand it all wherever your dog may wander


Long Battery Life

Using a combination of power saving techniques and solar recharging, Sniffer has a battery life that can last up to 30 days.

Easy Recharging

With our easy snap on charger your dog will never be unprotected. The Sniffer GPS collar never has to be taken off your dog, even to recharge.

Advanced Tracking

Using the latest GPS and cellular technologies, Sniffer GPS makes finding your dog easier and quicker than ever.

Durable and Water Resistant

Sniffer will not let you down even if your best friend runs away in the woods, goes for a swim, or rolls in mud.

Integrated light

Sniffer GPS has an integrated light for superior night time visibility. With Sniffer you can ensure that your dog will be safe any time day or night.

Solar Charging

Sniffer harnesses the power of the sun to allow your device last up to 30 days.

Cross Platform

You can track your best friend on both iPhone and Android devices.

Wherever, Whenever...

Sniffer allows you to track your dog in real time, anytime, anywhere, no matter where they may wonder.

Safe Zones

Receive text, email, or in-app notifications when your dog leaves or enters a safe zone.

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